Wifi Marketing - Optimized Marketing Solutions For Enterprises
Wifi Marketing is an L.E.T’s solution in which information technology is applied. It helps enterprises owners to build, manage and measure the effectiveness of marketing programs, customer care services and brand promotion on wireless platform. Wifi Marketing uses several applications which make the interacting process with customers become more convenient, raising the efficiency in business and branding.

L.E.T’s Wifi Marketing, a solution for enterprises

A survey form Macquaire Group shows that most interviewees said that they used wifi rather than broadband network (3G / 4G) for monthly cost saving. Consequently, Wifi is now available in many places such as cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and of course at home.
According to statistics in Vietnam, in 2014, there are 17.6 million (account for 19% of Vietnam population) mobile subscribers, and the percentage of people using social networks take up 18% of the population. The average daily time that people use to access social networks is about 2h23m23s. The percentage of social network users on mobile phone is 58%.
Meanwhile, 93% mobile devices and computers have Wifi connections, and 84,2% of users want free Wifi. This is a great opportunity for business to improve profitability.
Specifically, solely with a specific low-installation-cost Wireless system, managers can figure out customers’ behaviours and psychology as well as implement effective marketing campaigns.
Recorgnizing superior features and efficiency of Wifi Marketing and an dizziness increase of mobile Internet users, L.E.T officially provides Wifi Marketing services, an optimal marketing solution for businesses.

What is the benefit that Wifi Marketing can bring to enterprise?

Wifi Marketing is a high tech marketing trend, raising the effective of communications, sales and branding for businesses. Not only providing free Wifi service, businesses can proactively customize information (products and services introductions, promotions, discounts, events…) as well as interacting with customers before, during and after their purchases.
Branding, products and services advertising
By setting up a Introduction Page as a door that customers have to go through if they want to access free Wifi, business owners can fully introduce themself in an impressive and effective way.
Introduction Page is considered as a mini website, through which business owners can freely provide information for products and services advertisements, promotions, discounts, events, etc.
Advertising for third parties
With advertising ability and providing suggestions of where to eat, buy stuff and entertain in a business area, Wifi marketing creates an ideal environment for companies in the same industry, at the same place to promote their products and services. Thus, companies can raise their revenue from the provision of advertising for third parties.
Collecting customer information
The act of gathering customers’ information and opinion surveys will be done via login, register an account or login through social network. Thus, companies can build customer database as well as can timely improve their services based on obtained feedback.
Satisfying customers
Customers can be infomed newest promotions, discounts, hot deals in stores or in wifi coverage area so that they will not miss any chance to shop at low prices. Map tracking and zoning also allow customers to compare and choose the best possible prodcuts/services.

What are differences between L.E.T’s Wifi Marketing and this of the others?

Wifi Marketing helps businesses maximize benefits of wifi system, improving the efficiency of marketing and interactive media digital. L.E.T’s Wifi Marketing solution includes:
  • Wifi user’s information handling system
  • Software to build, develop and manage a dedicated Wifi Marketing
  • Reports, database statistics based on users’ behaviours and how companies interact them
  • An interactive customize marketing tools set on Wifi platform such as adjusting Introduction Page landing page, fanpage or inserting different marketing messages ( Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing).
In addition, L.E.T’s Wifi Marketing can intergrate with other management software such as customer relationship management (CRM), business administration, etc. For that reason, L.E.T commits to optimize each marketing campaign and spread your brand in the most effective way with the lowest cost.
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