Cyberweek Special Offers
Starting November 21, you can save up to 24% off selected Bitrix24 cloud plans and get even better deals for on-premise Bitrix24 editions.

Bitrix24 Cloud Special Offers:
If you decide to upgrade from a free account to Bitrix24 Standard or Professional, you’ll save 12% when selecting 6-month subscription, and get 24% off if you commit for a full year.

  • Standard subscription for 6 months - 12% Off
  • Professional subscription for 6 months - 12% Off
  • Standard subscription for 12 months - 24% Off
  • Professional subscription for 12 months - 24% Off

Bitrix24 On-Premise Special Offers:

On-premise editions of Bitrix24 are available at 12% off Bitrix24 BizPace, and 24% off BizPace Enterprise if purchased before November 28. You’ll also save 12% on additional users and 24% on 1000-user packs.

  • BizPace (25-User Pack) - 12% Off
  • BizPace Eneterprise (25 + 75 User Pack) - 24% Off
  • Additional User License - 12% Off
  • 1000-User Pack License - 24% Off

Bitrix24 On-Premise Unlimited User License:

Many of you wanted to purchase unlimited user license for your on-premise Bitrix24 but this option isn’t available outside cloud plans. It turned out to be a deal breaker for some organizations that were otherwise happy with our product and who we’d love to see as Bitrix24 users. So as a limited time offer, we are introducing Unlimited User License. It’s priced at $50,000 US Dollars and can be purchased with either Bitrix24 BizPace or BizPace Enterprise.

  • Unlimited User License - $50,000 (one-time fee!)