L.E.T is a specialist Business Operations and Development Consultancy providing operational support and technology solutions to help you win more business.

L.E.T Solutions.,JSC

We Are L.E.T

L.E.T Solutions and Operation Joint Stock Company officially put into operation since October 15th, 2013. We continuously develop and update solutions in changing business management to build the culture of business management and operations, which helps to increase the competitive capacity of Vietnamese enterprises.

Main Business Activity Models

• Consulting in management and engaging in business administration or BOT (Build - Operate – Transfer)

• Providing consulting packages and other services in the fields of retail, distribution, manufacturing and service of all types of enterprise.

Main Business Activities

• L.E.T Operations and Development.

• L.E.T Information Technology (IT).

• L.E.T PR & Marketing.

• L.E.T Process and Risk Management.

Our Vision and Mission


L.E.T becomes an unique company that can provide services, solutions and operation for Vietnam enterprises in an effective, innovative ways, giving customers belief and safe.


L.E.T commits to always putting customers’ wishes above all else;

L.E.T commits to creating mutual respect and equality with our partners;

L.E.T commits to creating a proactive, professional and fair enviroment for all employees;

L.E.T commits to creating a higher level for Vietnam enterprises in management, administration and creativity aspect;

L.E.T commits to creating real value for society and community through the observance of law and establishment of culture for the company.