ERP - EOFFICE - A system provides multi-functions for enterprise: store management, accounting, sale and more. Optimizing your business management with our cloud-based enterprise management solution - Bitrix24.

ERP - Eoffice

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) refers to automation and integration of a company's core business to help them focus on effectiveness & simplified success. ERP solution improves the efficiency of financial management – accounting, planning, reporting, materials management, manufacturing management, business management, product delivery, project management, service management, customer management, HR (human resources) management and forecasting tools, etc.

ERP - Eoffice

The reason why companies should apply ERP to the management and operations processes:

- Clarify business process

- Standardize HR information

- Reduce the amount of inventories

- Improve the accuracy of accounting

- Access to accurate management information

- Standardize and increase production efficiency

- Integrate ordering information to specific customers

However, it is very difficult to establish a single software program, which serve different purposes of different workers in numerous departments such as accounting department, human resources department… Each of those departments typically has its own computer system to handle works.

L.E.T corporated with Bitrix24 - a cloud-based enterprise management solution will help you solve business problems in order to optimize the management of enterprises.


Bitrix24 is an internal social network, fitting all types of businesses. An unified working space allows you to handle all aspects of operation and the daily work of company’s workers.
Benefits of Bitrix24 for enterprises:
- Optimize organizational running costs
- Increase productivity of employees
- Update the working progress and make sure to meet the deadline
- Control the workflow effectively
- Work actively on multiple devices, anywhere, at any time.
Remarkable features in managing and operating business along with friendly interface will completely satisfy users with social networking for business – Bitrix24. Design your own social networking company now with Bitrix24! Contact us now for more information.