Vietnamese Bitrix24: Social Network For Vietnamese Enterprises
Vietnamese Bitrix24 is a platform which helps Vietnam enterprises to create their own Social Network. Workers can exchange and share information related to work conveniently. At the same time, managers can fully maximize the efficiency of administration through managing and monitoring utilities built right in Vietnamese Bitrix24 such as Mission (assignment, management, monitoring), Calendar Work, Business Process, Customer Relationship Management (CRM).... After becoming an official partner of Bitrix, Inc., L.E.T will releases a 100% Vietnamese Bitrix24 version, ensuring superiority in every feature. Vietnamese Bitrix24 verison also available for Android and iOS.

Why do L.E.T run Vietnamese Bitrix24 software?

Social networking websites are becoming a part of life for the majority of Vietnam by the effective of connecting community features. For that reason, many companies crave for their own social networks as Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ For Work, Yammer (Microsoft), IBM Social Business, which can be integrated with applications for business, HR management,etc. Stemming from the needs of business administration and the habit of interacting in Social networks mentioned above, L.E.T wants to bring to vietnamese enterprises the best business social networking platform.
Social network Bitrix24 is known as one of the best possible choices of the well-known enterprises such as Xerox, Samsung, Volkswagen, KIA, Gazprom, Vongue and more than 700,000 small and large businesses all around the world (data collected in October 2015). As Bitrix24 has countless remarkable features, L.E.T has contracted to become an official partner of  Bitrix, Inc., so that L.E.T can bring the most complete Vietnamese Bitrix24. It can be affirmed that the Vietnamese Bitrix24 is an integrated business management software. As a miniature social networks, Bitrix24 creates an environmental interactive connection which can solve all operational needs for business owners.

How do users interact through Vietnamese Bitrix24?

Each member has his/her own account to manage personal sites of work, schedule, salary, etc., as well as to share experience, contribute ideas, discuss with colleagues or managers. Bitrix24 can save up space for documents, discussing and reporting time and optimize human resources (workers’ abilities), connect all parts of enterprises, strengthen solidarity and the work efficiency.
Vietnamese Bitrix24 also resolve difficulties in transmitting and processing information for frequently-absent-users or businesses with multiple branches, offices or stores at many local places. The reason is that data in Bitrix24 is managed and updated instantly and continously. Managers ans business leaders can review the data such as financial statements, business and human resources reports to make decisions anytime, anywhere with Internet connection.

How can Vietnamese Bitrix24 be deployed?

Please contact us to deploy Bitrix24 in a best possible way for your business.