Education - Healthcare

Wifi Marketing In Education And Healthcare
Improve service quality in Education and Healthcare with Wifi Marketing

Anounce, promote services and run student enrollment campaign effectively

Most students want to use Free Wifi. With the Introduction Page, school managers can inform students about their news and introductions.

In addition, Introduction Page can be customize and are able to collect user data. It also can function as advertising and notifying page as well as a way of attracting students. This is an valuable method because most of students are now using smart devices to access Internet.

Improve the quality of Education and Healthcare

In term of education, the Introduction Page provides information including notifications, schedules, area guide and support to students.

In term of heath services, patients and their relatives can look for appointment schedules, registration guide, hospital map, etc.

Thus, teaching quality and heathcare services will be upgrated dramatically.

Improve service quality

With build-in tools, Wifi Marketing allows to store customer’s feedback.

Additionally, Wifi Marketing creates a Marketing strategy (at the right time, right place, right audience) using E-mail/SMS/Facebook in order to infrom about new services, promotions, customer incentive programmes. Surveying applications helps to fully receive customer’s feedbacks which are needed for the following strategy.