Chain Stores - Entertainment Center

Wifi Marketing for Chain Stores and Entertainment Center
Wifi Marketing in Chain Stores and Entertainment allows your marketing plan attract to target audiences.

Wifi Marketing is used as a simple but powerful tool, which raises customer’s experience as well as helps your business collect and create statistics of customer information in a sufficient ways.

L.E.T’s Wifi Marketing system can help you:

Raise customer’s experience of your services

Introduction Page is an interactive communication channel which carries the information that can easily be changed to fit each circumstance or event of your stores. With a creative Introdution Page which is consistent with store display, customers can have a good visual look of the store as well as easily get product information, promotions and in-store deals.

Run effective Marketing campains

By collecting and analyzing user behaviors, store owners are able to know what services should be improved, therefore increase revenue. The access to customers’ personal pages of Social Networks will help to raise awareness of customers’ behavior and their interests. You absolutely can create Marketing plans to the right customers in the right place at the right time, according to statistical analysis gathered from Wifi Marketing. The efficiency of the strategy will be constantly improved by analyzing the index to optimize results.

Make profits from providing investors a new protential Marketing channel

You can raise your bussiness revenue by improving the ability to advertise of Introduction Page, Pano Wifi, Poster Wifi. Through it, all investors can promote their products and services based on their demands. Let’s optimize the advertising banners design that appear alternatively as well as expand and link to external Websites.

Expand your brand through Social Networking sites

Wifi Marketing spreads information and brand of your store on Social Network through account-loging-based method. In addition, features “Like/Post” alllow to bring store’s mesages to customers as well as branding to customers’ friends.