Conferences - Events

Wifi Marketing For Conferences And Events
Wifi Marketing – An effective social media networking channel in managing and organizing conferences & events

Provide communication tools and announcing channel

The customizable Introduction Page of Wifi Marketing helps to create schedules, programs, maps and other information to user as quickly as possible.

Improve prestige and reputation through Social Network channels

Participants still need ot review their business directly through Internet, check E-mail or post statuses on Social Networks about their interactions with family, friends or their partners. Wifi Marketing can spread out information of events to domestic and foreign clients, creating a buzz on the online community through social media networking channel.

Improve efficiency of events and converences in the future by collecting and analyzing customer’s information

On one hand, organization managers can keep in touch with business owners and attendees by offering information update or interesting events through advertising strategy (at the right time, right place, right audience). On the another hand, they can base on analyzed statical analysis and data collection to improve efficiency of events and conferences in the future.

Raise revenue from attracting advertising operators

 Attracting sponsors and advertising opportunities for their brands through Introduction Page, Pano WiFi and WiFi Poster.